Cultus Lake is the perfect destination for a day of swimming, wind surfing, water skiing fishing or hiking. Located about one hour east of Vancouver (1 ½ hours if coming from downtown) the lake also has a campground and cabins that can be rented for overnight stays. Right next to the lake is a golf course, an adventure park with a number of rides and attractions, and BC’s largest waterpark.


Helpful Hint:

If the main beach area is too busy for you liking, keep walking along the lakeside path. The grassy patches in front of the private homes are public property, so you can find your perfect and possibly quieter spot there.


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Cultus Lake:

Cultus Lake Waterpark:

Cultus Lake Adventure Park:


No transit. You will need a car.



Parking: $3 per hour or $10 per day

For admission to waterpark or adventure park see websites.


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